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Love PTO provides assistance to the parents, teachers and staff of WG Love Elementary school, through fundraising, sharing information, and working with the surrounding community to enhance the learning experience of students.

Love PTA Birth and Growth

In the year 1920, three women, Mrs. Ross, Mrs. E.D. Wickes, and Mrs. Griffin, planned and organized a “Reading and Embroidery Club”. It was during one of this club’s meetings that the idea for a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) for the school was conceived.

An organization was formed, actively participating in all child welfare movements. From the beginning, it has been a local unit with membership in both the National and State Parent-Teacher Organizations. This association is part of the Eleventh District and is a member of the Houston Parent-Teacher Council.

William Graston Love was suggested and accepted as the name of the school, honoring one of the Houston Heights citizens, Mr. William Graston Love.

The Love Parent Teacher Association has been active in cooperating with the school board, the school, and the community in looking after the welfare of the school and its children, whose enrollment has increased each year.

The Association has committed to staying informed on educational matters, participating in courses on safety, home nursing, first aid, nutrition, and parliamentary law, and attending lectures themed around the respective focus of each year.

During the late war years, all efforts of the association were centered on the war program.

For many years, one of Love PTA’s major projects has been supporting the Recreational Reading Room, which now consists of hundreds of volumes of wholesome reading suitable for all grades. This library holds an enviable place among elementary schools in the city.

Activities such as the Halloween Carnival, the Christmas Festivity with its programs, the May Fete, and movie showings, often with our own equipment, are always sponsored by the PTA. These activities have brought much joy to the children, their parents, and friends while often providing necessary funds for the organization’s work.

Love PTA has made it a tradition to plant a tree on the campus on Arbor Day each year to show love and honor someone in its midst. Additionally, a magnolia tree is planted whenever a PTA president completes her term of office to commemorate her outstanding service. Appropriate dedicatory services are conducted by the school’s pupils.

With the fate of civilization so closely tied to American leadership, our schools, including Love School, bear a heavy responsibility, supported by its Parent-Teacher Organization.

As we close the year 1948-49, we are reminded that the American people need to understand the significance of education in building and maintaining morale and intellectual skills, enabling America to lead in the current tense international situation.

The school year 1949-50 has made its mark, and we look forward to bigger and better things for 1950-51. The past year’s activities have mirrored those of the past with noted improvements.

Arrangements were made for more care of the school grounds during the vacation, adding beauty to the community.

As tensions in the Far East began to rise, the PTA’s prayers joined those of the community, hoping for stronger bonds of peace and brotherhood. The history and growth of the year 1950-51 will reveal the impact of these distant conflicts.

“May peace be on the earth and in the air” is the great aspiration for which the association and community strive.

Mrs. Ira B. Simmons






Mission &

Our mission at Love PTO is to enrich the educational environment at WG Love Elementary School. We achieve this by fundraising for essential resources, ensuring everyone stays informed about school matters, and forging partnerships with the community to provide valuable support and opportunities for our students.

Nicole Pepper

PTO Presedent

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