Afterschool program

Join us at Love Elementary School for our engaging after-school program, where students explore their passions, enhance their skills, and make lasting friendships in a supportive and fun environment.

At the end of a bustling school day, our after-school program at Love Elementary School provides a seamless transition for your child into a world where relaxation meets enrichment, ensuring they unwind and recharge in the most constructive way possible. Recognizing the importance of nourishment after a day full of learning, we supply a daily afternoon snack, allowing your child to refuel and get ready for the afternoon’s adventures.

Our program is designed with a dynamic blend of activities that cater to the diverse interests and energy levels of every child. From outdoor play on the playground, which encourages physical activity and interaction with nature, to engaging in spirited competitions through our innovative curriculum activities, your child is guaranteed to be actively involved and entertained.

Diverse Outdoor and Curriculum Activities: From playground fun to S.T.E.A.M-based curriculum activities, we ensure your child is physically active and intellectually stimulated through seasonal arts, crafts, team-building challenges, and brainteasers.
Enrichment Clubs: A wide range of clubs cater to every child’s interests, promoting exploration and learning in areas they are passionate about.
Homework Support: Dedicated quiet time for homework and study, with counselors ready to assist, prioritizes academic success and family time.
Socialization and Free Exploration: Safe, supervised time with peers and various exploration centers, including dress-up, board games, and Legos, encourage social skills and creativity.

Our program is designed to foster growth, learning, and fun in a supportive environment, making after school time enriching and enjoyable for every student.


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